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of therapy sessions by Karen Harris, MD,
using the John F. Barnes, PT Approach to Myofascial Release.

July, 2022: 
"I had my first MFR session with Karen recently and the positive effects were long-lasting. I felt well cared for due to her medical background, the thorough information she collected, and her compassionate confidence. Karen’s touch was gentle yet firm, and her thoughtful treatment felt productive to my specific needs. The session was quite enjoyable partly due to her subtle reminders to be in the moment in order to get the full effect, so when I got too talkative, she gently guided me back to being a quiet recipient, which is so valuable. For days after the session I was pleasantly surprised several times that the pain I originally didn’t even realize was there had disappeared! I immediately realized I wanted more."

                                           Shila Tirabassi LaGrua, LMT, NST
                            Owner, Body Center St. Pete, St. Petersburg, Florida


(Disclaimer: Karen F Harris, MD, owner of Real Relief Myofascial Release, LLC, is a personal friend of, and rents treatment space from this reviewer.)

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