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Schedule an MFR Treatment Session Appointment

Please read the information on all of the other pages of this site before scheduling an appointment. 

The John F. Barnes Approach to Myofascial Release is unique. 
You are more likely to significantly benefit from this treatment method if you are educated about how it differs from other therapies that you may be familiar with or have experienced, know what to expect during your treatment sessions, and understand the role that you can play in the healing process of your body/mind/spirit with the MFR therapist skillfully facilitating your journey.  

Contact Me with any questions or concerns before scheduling.

Clearwater Office

(Choose an MFR appointment option when the Neurosomatic Specialists website opens in a new window.)

In-Your-Home Appointments
New-Patients:  Please Contact Me.
Established Patients:  Text or email me, please.

St. Petersburg Office

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