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Myofascial Release Resources

- Videos, Articles, Seminars, Classes -

Videos of Living Fascia

Short video clips of living fascia
under magnification,
by Jean Claude Guimberteau, MD:

- from Strolling Under The Skin

- from The Living Fascia

Online Community

Private Facebook Group
for therapists, patients, any interested party

From the Mouth and Pen
of John F Barnes, PT

Videos & Articles

Classes & Seminars

Live In-Person Events & 
Online Learning

Online Myo-Yin Yoga classes,
via Zoom, taught by Kathy Kessler, PT
(an MFR Therapist at John Barnes Sedona, AZ clinic, Therapy on the Rocks)
This is a form of yoga that is similar to MFR Self-Treatment... slow gentle sustained stretches.
The classes are
appropriate for any level of experience, or none, are very small, $5 each, offered at various days and times, and can be scheduled any time one of them fits your schedule, up to an hour before the class starts. 

Myofascial Healing Seminar

Offered a few times per year in various cities, this is an in-person 3-day seminar for patients and/or therapists to learn or review how to do the basics of The John Barnes Myofascial Release Approach, experience healing, and learn the valuable personal lifelong skill of self-treatment.

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