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For any questions about MFR, scheduling...
or just to chat and get to know each other in order to feel comfortable about scheduling your Initial Evaluation & Treatment session appointment. 

It's time to start loving yourself enough to take care of YOU. *
(text or call; for calls, please state your name if prompted by my phone system, and leave a voicemail message if I am unable to answer the call.)

Automated communication systems can be challenging to set up and manage.  Often some setting is hidden or incompatible with another.
If I do not reply, it indicates that I did not receive your message.
If you experience any glitch in my email or phone system,
or if I do not reply within 24 hours (usually much sooner),
please text, call, and email again and/or Send A Message using this form.

* Note: Regular unencrypted business email address and phone number.  You are choosing to waive a HIPAA privacy right if you choose to use this practical and convenient form of communication.

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