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- I generally treat only patient-clients who are at least 18 years of age and are competent to handle their own medical and financial affairs and make their own decisions.
  If you would like me to treat your child or a person for whom you are a legal guardian, please contact me to discuss before scheduling.

- All treatments are by appointment, scheduled in advance, depending on availability.
- Appointments can be scheduled on my website or by contacting me directly.
- After you have scheduled an Initial Evaluation & Treatment session, you will receive New Patient-Client forms to read carefully. They are pdf files and cannot be filled out online. Print them (double-sided, if possible), complete them, and bring with you to your appointment.  If you have difficulty printing them, you can complete blank forms that I can provide at the beginning of your appointment. 
Wait to sign all forms until we meet and discuss any questions you may have.

- Appointment times are scheduled to allow for a full 60, 75,  90, or 120 minutes of treatment time, depending upon the session length that you scheduled, in addition to a short period of time beforehand for greeting, discussion, any change of clothing, and assessment, and afterwards for  discussion, payment, and scheduling.
- Plan to be in the office for approximately 30 minutes longer than the
length of time of your scheduled treatment session.
- Please arrive on time, or a few minutes before, your scheduled appointment time. 
- Please do not arrive under the influence of alcohol or any other recreational drug, whether legal or illegal, or having recently used any tobacco product.
- Please take measures to minimize any strong scents or odors on your body and clothing, including tobacco, perfume, or cologne, for the comfort and welfare of myself, others in the office, and my next patient-client, any of whom may have allergies or sensitivities.
- When possible, it is best to be treated when you are well hydrated and your stomach is not too full.


- Payment is due no later than at the end of your treatment session.
- Payment can be made via cash, check, Zelle, or credit card. (not HIPAA-compliant, if this concerns you.)                                                                        
- I will charge you any fee that I incur for a check returned as un-payable from your bank due to insufficient funds.
- Real Relief Myofascial Release, LLC is a privately owned and operated, cash-based, fee-for-service practice.  I am not a provider for any private or government health insurance program, including Medicare or Medicaid, Worker’s Compensation, lawsuit settlement cases, or automobile accident cases.   
- Insurance coverage for myofascial release is currently rare.  If you have investigated and know that your insurance policy, Flexible Spending Plan, or Healthcare Savings Account will reimburse you for prescribed Myofascial Release Manual Therapy for a specific diagnosis, specific treatment interval, and number of sessions, I can provide you with the document called a Superbill that they will require, documenting your Diagnosis Code(s) (ICD-10 codes), that you obtained from your prescribing healthcare provider, and my Procedure Code (CPT code).

- No refunds will be issued.  I cannot and do not guarantee that you will experience any specific beneficial results from treatment.
- Gratuities are not expected or accepted in my MFR-only medical practice.


- Please text or phone for a last-minute cancellation, change, or late arrival.
- I welcome text, email, or telephone conversations for introductions, to ask questions or provide feedback before or after sessions, or for my assistance with scheduling or payment.
- I will return routine emails, texts, and voicemails as promptly as my schedule allows, almost always in less than 24 hours.


- If you must cancel a session, please do so at least 24 hours in advance of the appointment time.
- To respect your time and mine, and acknowledging the difficulties of managing personal and business schedules, you will be charged 50% of the session fee for appointments canceled without 24 hours’ notice, due prior to any rescheduling or future scheduling. 

You will be charged the full session fee for appointments missed with no notification, due prior to any rescheduling or future scheduling.

Exceptions may be made for unavoidable or emergency situations, at my discretion.
- If you become aware that you are going to be late, please text or call, and leave a voicemail message if I cannot answer; I may be in a treatment session, possibly able to receive your message but unable to reply. You will be treated for the remaining time with the full session fee due, unless my schedule is open to provide the entire treatment session.


 - You may terminate treatment at any time, including during a treatment session; you will, however, still be responsible for paying the session fee.  No refund will be issued.  I cannot and do not guarantee that you will experience any specific beneficial results from treatment.
- I reserve the right to decline to accept you as a patient-client or to terminate services if, in my judgment, my treatment will not or does not adequately meet your needs, if we have conflicting opinions or goals for your treatment, or for any other reason that does not involve discrimination on the basis of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or ethnicity.
  I will provide names of any other local JFB-MFR therapists, if appropriate, or try to help you to locate other appropriate types of healthcare practitioners.
- I will not tolerate any sexual suggestions, explicit actions, or other non-sexual, but inappropriate or aggressive behavior. 
Your session will end immediately and you will be ordered to pay the session fee, leave the premises, and seek no further treatment in the future. 
Other local therapists will be informed of your identity and behavior for their safety.     
In cases that constitute assault or other overtly criminal behavior, I will immediately call the local police department.

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